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The streets of Barrow run red with blood and carnage. No longer limited by the need to hide from the sun and sleep during the day, and with the entire town isolated from the rest of the modern world by snow and sub-zero temperatures, the un-dead rampage and feed uninhibited. They marched across the ice, cutting off all escape routs. Every computer, phone and radio has been destroyed, rendering the residents of Barrow incapable of even attempting to reach the outside world. Trying to flee and trying to fight do no good against this enemy who seemingly cannot be stopped. Bullets do not even make them pause.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, a somber Judith prepares her only son, Taylor, for departure to Barrow. She only wants Taylor to retrieve photographic evidence of vampiric activity, however she has reason to worry. Taylor assures her that he has no intention of being a hero and that he will come back to her. Taylor leaves, and catches a flight to Alaska. Despite the storm that is brewing, he convinces the owner of a helicopter to still allow him to fly to Barrow.

Only a few remain alive, and safe for the moment. Stella and Eben watch what is happening outside though a narrow window in the basement in which they hide. There are a few other survivors with them, all huddled together with little food, warmth, or hope. Eben goes out in search of food and supplies for the survivors. He is stopped in the Sheriff's office by a large, bald vampire. He tells Eben that the cold is terrible for their senses and they are unable to smell the survivors. Blasting him in the head with a shot-gun, Eben removes half of his face, and strikes him in order to run away.

In the streets Marlow is uninterested in pursuit, knowing that they have all the time they need to discover any last survivors. The vampires celebrate the arrival of their leader, Vicente. Marlow gloats to his master about how the town is cut off, and how long they will have to bleed the town dry with the sun gone. He has taken extra care to make sure that none of the residents of Barrow turn, instructing the others to remove the heads of those they feed on. He is caught off guard and taken back by Vicente's rage.

With the survivors watching from their window, Vicente strikes Marlow down and lectures him on what he may have accomplished. The vampires had worked for centuries to blend in and make the human population believe them to be no more than a myth, and in one act Marlow threatens their security. If people again grow suspicious of them they will be hunted, and Vicente does not intend to suffer the same fate of his family. Angry, Marlow rushes at Vicente who rips off his head and then squashes his still cursing head. Vicente gives his instructions to the other vampires. They are to make the town's destruction appear to be an accident, moving the bodies back into their houses, then rip the pipeline and light the oil on fire, setting the town ablaze.

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