Spider-Man 1602?

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i dont have interest in a comic, i dont buy it. maybe if someone sells me on it later i pick it up. i dont complain about comics i dont buy either. this isnt a complaint, im actually kind of curious really. just thinking, nothing major.
does anyone care that this book is coming out? why?

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weird coustume

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I loved this book!
And as for the second point:
@zero man said:

" weird coustume "

Honestly he goes through a lot of variant costumes during the book. The one in this first cover in the beginning of the book taking place in America, a simpler one on a boat, another one in Europe, another one when he joins a theatre group/the Watsons and a last one for the big final arc.... Like our classic Peter and all the variations he tried over the years..only in a single book :/

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